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Beyond the Score: The Path to Recovery from Medical Trauma

Beyond the Score: The Path to Recovery from Medical Trauma

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Unlock your power to heal from medical trauma by delving into our mini course “Beyond the Score” - an expertly designed mini course that will show you the  essential neurobiological elements of shock trauma recovery. 

Through this mini course, discover the fundamental steps most people skip over as they try to recover from pregnancy loss, birth trauma, preterm delivery or surgery.

What’s inside?

1. 11 short audios (between 5-15 minutes long) covering the elemental aspects of somatic recovery from medical trauma. 

2. Audio lessons are split into 3 sections: the Foundations, the Framework, and the Future.

3. Reflection & Integration questions to help you take the information from the mini course and start to develop a deeper understanding of your body from a trauma-informed, somatic lens. 

This course offers a 50,000 foot map of what it takes to begin recovery including…

  • Why medical trauma is considered a shock trauma and why that matters or the modalities you choose for your healing journey.
  • The biological importance of depathologizing and demedicalizing traumatic stress
  • How the stress response is so much more than Fight, Flight, and Freeze and what to pay attention to for stress-induced health complications.
  • Specific aspects of the nervous system that are most often forgotten to be addressed, but are the gentlest ways to begin healing.
  • A review of how to decide who to bring on to your healing care team and how your body is guiding you to that decision already.
  • Reflection and integration questions 

Based in Science, Filled With Hope

Beyond the Score is based on Phase 1 of Parijat's sensory and sensorimotor approach to recovering from medical traumas, an approach that has helped hundreds of women and birthing people recover from fertility treatments, losses, pregnancy complications, preterm deliveries, NICU, surgeries, and medical gaslighting. 

Word on the Street

"Parijat is SO good at explaining things. The analogies and examples help so much. She takes complex topics and makes them simple enough so that I feel like I can do something about them! - Mara H.

~ ~ ~

"I appreciate Parijat always reminding us that we don't need to be fixed." - Tasha G.

~ ~ ~ 

"This was SUCH a good precursor to your work. It helps explain exactly how your approach helps people and how different it is from anything else out there. Thanks for doing something just for us high-risk and preemie mamas!" - Apurva M.

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